InComm and MCX to develop joint mobile payments solution

Incomm has joined with Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) in the development of MCX’s customer-centric mobile payment solution. Incomm provides integrated point-of-sale technology solutions to retailers, and the partnership will leverage the company’s existing POS integrations with retailers across the country.

MCX’s new mobile payment network, CurrentC™, was built by leading merchants and will be available across a broad collection of merchants. Consumers can gain access to the entire CurrentC network by using the CurrentC app, as well as through merchants’ mobile applications that leverage CurrentC functionality. When the app’s full functionality is released to consumers, CurrentC will simplify and expedite the customer checkout process by applying qualifying offers and coupons, participating merchant rewards, loyalty programs and membership accounts, and offering payment options through the consumer’s selected financial account, all with just one scan of the app at the POS.

“Today’s consumers want an easier, faster and more secure way to pay for goods, and CurrentC enables that and more,” said Phil Graves, Executive Vice President, InComm. “With CurrentC, consumers also benefit from rewards programs and instant coupon savings, while retailers gain new channels in which to engage with customers, improve brand loyalty and drive more sales. We’re thrilled to partner with MCX and help expand the reach of an innovative offering that represents a big step forward to increasing mobile payment adoption by retailers and consumers alike.”

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