Freedom, equality, brotherhood and bitcoin – Bitcoin France joins Bitcoin Foundation

Bitcoin France has joined the Bitcoin Foundation as its newest international chapter, building on its reputation as a hub of crypto-currency innovation.

So far, the Bitcoin Foundation has chapters in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Romania, and Slovenia, With the 4th largest number of active Bitcoin nodes, and a government that has long been open to the crypto-currency, France was a natural next step for the Foundation. Its capital city is even home to a Bitcoin embassy and Bitcoin startup incubator.

The Association Bitcoin France is headed by Philippe Rodriguez, the President of Bitcoin France.

We deeply believe that bitcoin has the potential to disrupt not only part of the financial system as we know it, but, down the road, other markets where trust in a central organization is the current status quo,” he said.

“France is a country where liberty ranks high as a top value, making the country fertile ground for innovative services and companies using the Bitcoin protocol,” added Jon Matois, executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

France is only surpassed in number of bitcoin nodes by the United States, United Kingdom and neighbouring Germany. But these larger competitors have not yet entered into a partnership with the Bitcoin Foundation, but the addition of France could bolster the Foundation’s reputation and encourage them to do so.

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