Global Payments jumps on Apple Pay bandwagon

Global Payments solution has announced that it will allow more than 2,000 integrated software application developers using its Intergrated Solutions divison, Open Edge, to embed Apple Pay into their offerings.

Open Edge will add Apple Pay to its software development kit, only the latest in a string of companies to align themselves with the tech giant after the announcement of its payments service.

With the addition of Apple Pay, Global Payments hopes to bring secure and innovative commerce to consumers by aligning itself with the security infrastructure announced by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The company has already migrated most of its POS presence to NFC in other markets as it migrated to EMV, and might have has the experience and presence around the world to leverage these solutions in the United States and internationally.

“Our developers look to us to help them deliver a comprehensive, seamless and smooth consumer payment experience through multiple points-of-interaction such as physical point of sale and Internet,” said Sid Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager of OpenEdge. “Online purchases in apps through Apple Pay will transform how consumers interact with merchants. For instance, a diner will be able to order and pay at the table or order ahead and use self-checkout. We’re excited our partners, across verticals, will be able to access mobile payments through Apple Pay.”

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