Canadians ready to shop via their fridge

Forget Apple Pay. Canadians have moved beyond mobile payments and are eager to shop via internet-enabled fridges and chips implanted in their fingers.

A PayPal-commissioned survey of 1504 Canadians showed a solid adoption of mobile payments. Nearly half of respondents think that Canadians are ready to embrace payments via mobiles and wearable devices. Twenty nine per cent have already used their handsets to make online purchases on the move, and 23 per cent have paid in-store using their phones.

Those that do use mobile payments are already smitten, with 65 per cent of respondents agreeing that the process is quick and effortless. Almost half wish that they did not have to carry both their wallets and phones and a quarter admit to getting frustrated when people using cash or cards hold up the line at the till.

But it doesn’t end there. Canadians feel that there is no longer any need to carry a device. More than a third said that they would use an Internet-enabled car that paid for gas at the pump and 22 per cent want a net-enabled fridge to pay for groceries straight from the store.

Just over a fifth would use facial recognition or retina scanners to pay in-store and 18 per cent would even get chips implanted in their fingers for the ultimate contactless payments.

“Our users are already online and mobile savvy when it comes to shopping and will likely be among the first to adopt and pay using the latest devices like smartwatches and digital wristbands and future-forward options like Internet-enabled vehicles and appliances,” said Cameron Schmidt, GM at PayPal Canada.


PAYPAL - Canadians keen to use smartphones, smartwatches and wea

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