Secure bitcoin wallets look for Kickstarter funding

eCoinConcepts LLC is about to start a Kickstarter campaign and accept pre-orders for BitStash, which offers three different kinds of secure bitcoin wallets.

Using entropy generated by atmospheric noise, BitStash generates three tiers of BIP32 crypto currency wallets: a mobile wallet for spending on the go, a device wallet for day-to-day trading or online shopping at home and a cold storage wallet for long-term, off-site secure storage. Automatic rebalancing between wallet tiers ensures the right amount of Bitcoin is always available to spend and save, according to the announcement. Each wallet is designed to meet stringent standards for data security.

“Existing best practices for Bitcoin are too complicated for mass user adoption, and online storage solutions have too many risks,” says Trevor Murphy, BitStash CTO. “What we’ve created is a new, easy-to-use global solution that involves absolutely no third parties with government-grade security features like tamper detection and self-destruct circuitry.”

BitStash is the product of two Wall Street veterans, Steve Swanson and Trevor Murphy, according to the announcement. To date, all aspects of the prototypes have been completed—electrical schematics, PCB design and production, fully assembled devices with 3D printed cases, along with beta versions of software. Now, they’re looking to crowdfund BitStash’s initial manufacturing round and the completion of FCC and FIPS 140-2 level 3 certifications.

The company will hold a Kickstarter campaign and simultaneously accept pre-orders with payment in Bitcoin at The funding goal for the campaign, set to launch on October 22nd, is set to a total of $50,000.

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