Wave Crest updates global business payments platform

Wave Crest has unveiled MyChoice, the first global payments programme featuring a prepaid debit card for European businesses of all sizes.

Today, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rely on manual processes to pay supplier invoices and other business expenses, but these cumbersome payments processes require a high volume of paper cheques, expensive ACH payments, and a high potential for loss and fraud. With SMEs accounting for more than 99 per cent of all European businesses, MyChoice provides the opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly evolving EU payments landscape, where prepaid is recognized as the fastest growing payments segment.

The service allows businesses to streamline commission, business, incentive, reimbursement and travel payments and control expenditures. MyChoice provides a unique offering for businesses with 1 to 1,000+ payees, giving them the ability to create programmes for any payments scenario, with turnkey offerings available as quickly as 72 hours from setup, or fully branded and customised programmes for any payment need.

“Wave Crest built a fully integrated payments platform for complex business solutions and now the same robust platform is available for businesses of all sizes,” said Miles Paschini, Wave Crest Group president. “MyChoice is a simple to use and secure corporate payment solution available to small to medium enterprises in a turnkey package and can easily and quickly be customised for large enterprises. We have changed the way businesses can manage a variety of payments in a very positive way and we are excited to make MyChoice available to our corporate customers.”

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