Twitter to roll out Buy button officially in early 2015

Twitter is aiming to launch its new Buy button officially in the first quarter of 2015 after trialling the payment method last month.

Last month, Twitter tested its payment method functionality with only a selected businesses, celebrities and non-profit organisations. The Buy button is only available if you are browsing twitter on a mobile device, the functionality lets you donate money or you can purchase a product directly from a tweeted message.

It has been rumoured that Twitter is officially launching the payment functionality in the first quarter of 2015 but Twitter had declined to comment on the official launch date so far. Also Twitter said it will be gradually adding more organisations to test the Buy button feature but yet again they declined comment as to when the new feature will be available to everyone.

The Buy button feature on Twitter could transform Twitter into a serious player in the mobile payments space, as companies and organisations can sell products and at a faster rate than a standalone web store, this is also the same for fundraising charities.

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