British high street chain CeX starts accepting bitcoin

National second-hand electronics retailer CeX has today began accepting bitcoin payments in 30 of its stores, the most high profile adoption of Bitcoin on the UK high street so far.

CeX has already trialled bitocoin in one of its Glasgow branches, which also played host to Scotland’s first bitcoin ATM. CEX already accepts bitcoin online, but this next step marks the first time a national retailer has rolled it out as an in-store option on such a large scale.

The company insists that this is no PR stunt, and that CeX doesn’t see the crypto-currency as a flash in the pan. The retailer is actually planning to sit on its stock of bitcoin for the moment, rather than immediately converting them to cash.

“For us, Bitcoin is not a passing fad but the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way people think about digital money,” CeX’s commercial director David Butler told the Telegraph. ‘”Our customers are always looking for new and engaging ideas and innovations and this attitude is not restricted to a new game or phone but also true of their approach to payment choices.”

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