Payza streamlines payments processes for merchants

Payza has streamlined its process for allowing new business members to go from setting up a Payza account to accepting online payments.

Under the new system, a merchant simply needs to sign up for a Payza business account, complete and submit the website review form, and integrate Payza’s “Buy Now” button scripts into their website to start accepting payments.

“Due diligence is very important at Payza, but with this process we feel we have struck the best balance between speed, simplicity, convenience and security,” said Ferhan Patel, Director of Global Risk and Compliance. “Under the new procedure we’ve been able to go from not having an account to integrating fully functional Payza payment buttons on our test sites in under 15 minutes.”

The new process follows a clear attempt by Payza to attract new merchants to the platform. In recent months Payza has expanded the number of industries they are able to serve by adding specific high risk segments. Payza has also added new business features including a guest checkout option, in-page checkout and top-up payments.

“Making our customers happy, whether they have Personal or Business accounts, is our top priority. Our focus this year has been on innovation, from Bitcoin integration to unique security features to streamlining the checkout experience. This new process is yet another step in that direction for Payza,” added Patel.

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