GoCoin enables altcoin payments for Shopify merchants

GoCoin has become the latest cryptocurrency payment processor to be integrated into the Shopify e-commerce platform, allowing merchants to take altcoin payments as well as bitcoin.

As well as allowing merchants to take payments in bitcoin like its rivals Coinbase and BitPay, GoCoin will enable merchants to receive the altocoins dogecoin and litecoin.

“Thousands of cryptocurrencies have entered the market since bitcoin’s inception, and new altcoins are launched every day,” says Steve Beauregard, co-founder and CEO of GoCoin. “GoCoin helps online merchants avoid shopping cart abandonment by quickly and easily offering the latest digital currencies as payment options.”

Eric Benz, GoCoin’s business development advisor, said that the deal was only completed because Shopify merchants asked the e-commerce platform for altcoin payment options, Coindesk reported.

 Benz explained: “In the beginning when we reached out to [Shopify], they were quite unresponsive […] but a lot of the merchants we work with actually power their platform […] They actually pushed for Shopify to work with us.”

GoCoin will be made available to more than 120,000 merchants who conduct their online sales through the Shopify platform. The list of merchants using the platform now includes companies like General Electric and Tesla Motors.

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