Optimal Payments launches multiple payment checkout for online retailers

San Francisco-based online payments specialist Optimal Payments has created a new checkout system that allows customers to choose from a range of payment options without the merchant or buyer having to create accounts with all of them.

Called NETELLERGO!, the system means that Optimal Payments handles all the different payment types offered, including negotiating contracts with merchants, consolidating and settling payments, and depositing them into a single account for merchants. This, says the company, saves the merchant from opening accounts in different jurisdictions and regions.

NETELLERGO! is all about helping our online merchant partners do business anywhere in the world with the least fuss, greatest security and no risk,” explained executive VP Lorenzo Pellegrino. “Unlike many other payment providers who simply act as a technical routing gateway, we architected this service to be the most efficient global payment option on the market.”

He added: “Optimal Payments is handling all of the legal contracts with payment method providers and assuming all technical integration challenges so that our clients can focus on their business. We are even guaranteeing the validity of all transactions passing through NETELLERGO! absolving merchants of any downside risk.”

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