Major English toll road goes cashless

The Dartford Crossing is set to drop cash payments in favour of a concept closer to London’s remote “congestion charge” payment system.

From 30th November, drivers will need to use Dart Charge to pay the toll via the internet, their phone or certain retail outlets, including those that have a Payzone terminal. They will have the choice of paying before they leave, which is advised if they know this is the route they will take, or at any time before midnight the following day.

It is hoped that this will ease traffic congestion at the Crossing by scrapping the need for drivers  to stop at barriers to pay the toll. 160,000 drivers pass through the Crossing, which is part of the M25 to the East of London, every day. The scale of traffic combined with the limited number of toll booths causes frequent delays and traffic jams in the area.

The last cash payment will be accepted at the barriers on Saturday 29th November at 10pm.



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