XCordis implements Promon security solution for payments

Promon, a B2B software provider, has announced its partnership with XCordis, a specialist provider of uniquely built and designed payment platforms based on Java.

As part of this partnership, Promon Shield will be available to add to Xcordis platform offerings as a key security component.

 Xcordis FinTech provides products and services to companies who use web-based payments platforms, supporting real-time payment syndication, payment interchange, and integration of online shopping carts and merchant gateways.

“Vendors are now increasingly offering products through applications to meet market demand, and there is a rising issue with malware on these applications, especially in the case of mobile devices,” said Michael King, Chairman at Xcordis FinTech. “The Shield offering enables our customers’ end users to access applications through their preferred device securely, and without having to worry about the risk of malware.”

“End users are increasingly concerned about the security risks in applications, and quite rightly so, as malware attacks become much more frequent and much more sophisticated,” added Jan Søgaard, CEO of Promon.

Following Promon’s recent launch in the UK, Xcordis FinTech will also be a key part of Promon’s introduction to the UK market.

 Promon Shield closes security holes in applications, preventing Trojans, spyware and other types of malware from interacting with the application and avoids leakage of sensitive data handled by the application. The technology significantly reduces the risk of both transaction fraud and leakage of sensitive information, thereby protecting companies’ assets, reputations and customers.

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