GAW Miners makes ICO with Paycoin

GAW Miners, a bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer and digital cloud mining provider, is making its Initial Coin Offering with the introduction of new crypto-currency Paycoin.

Paycoin will be available to the public from 2nd January 2015.

“Crypto-currency is a young, disruptive technology that offers easier, faster and more secure transactions between individuals and merchants than any payment technology to date,” said GAW Miners founder and CEO Josh Garza.

“However, all existing crypto-currencies have failed to achieve an adoption path leading to mainstream use,” Garza added. “This is the primary reason why we’re introducing Paycoin via this ICO. Paycoin carries with it the best features of bitcoin while making corrections where necessary to produce a coin network fit for global acceptance.”

With Paycoin, GAW Miners is hoping to improve on existing coins by producing a decentralized network structured to promote price stability, fast transaction times, and rich features, all of which are intended to hasten global adoption of the crypto-currency, the company stated in a release.

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