BitPay supports American Red Cross donations in bitcoin

Bitcoin payment processor BitPay is supporting the American Red Cross by helping the organization accept bitcoin donations through a BitPay hosted webpage.

The American Red Cross will also be participating in ‘BitCoin Black Friday’, a day for bitcoin users to take advantage of bitcoin-specific sales opportunities

BitPay will be processing the bitcoin donations without any fees, so the Red Cross will receive 100 per cent of the bitcoin donations made using BitPay’s webpage. This move means that the charity can easily accept very small donations, or micropayments, in bitcoin.  Micropayments are transactions of under (or that are worth less than) one dollar.

The Red Cross is one of the largest and most recognized humanitarian organizations, providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, health and safety training and education, lifesaving blood transfusions across the world.

The organization has been expanding the ways that people can donate, but this will be the first time they will be accepting bitcoin donations using BitPay.

The Red Cross will be listed on the official Bitcoin Black Friday website in addition to the official Bitcoin Giving Tuesday website,  “to help bitcoin users spread some holiday cheer”, the company says.

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