Credorax appoints new VP of European sales and business development

Digital merchant acquirer Credorax has appointed Maarten Bleijerveld as vice president of sales and business development for Northern and Central Europe.

Prior to joining Credorax, Maarten held executive sales roles for over a decade at Digital River, a provider of global e-commerce, payments and marketing services. While at Digital River, Maarten played a crucial role in customer acquisition and retention with several of the company’s marquee brands.

“Merchants today seek out acquirers that can offer them value-added services beyond just payment processing. They demand higher-level business solutions that can help them grow their e-commerce businesses to the point of profitability,” said Koen Vanpraet, CCO of Credorax.  “Maarten’s unique ability to identify the deeper and broader e-commerce needs of merchants and quickly execute sharp and intelligent business-growth solutions against those needs is the key reason we have selected him to join Credorax.”

“It is not a simple task for online payment providers to be able to effectively help their merchants overcome the many obstacles they face when building e-commerce businesses beyond their borders,” said Bleijerveld. “I feel confident that my expertise in being able to properly identify and solve every nuance involved in building global e-commerce businesses, from complex VAT situations to really ‘getting’ cultural differences, will continue to propel the success of our tier-one merchants as they expand worldwide.”

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