RBI calls for standardisation of mobile banking procedure in India

The Reserve Bank of India is asking banks to provide an easy way for customers to register with alternative additional financial services such as mobile banking to reduce the need for customers to visit branches.

The authentication process for mobile banking should be quicker and easier, the RBI said, identifying a need for a greater degree of standardisation in procedures for introducing old and new customers to mobile banking.

Customers should be offered mobile banking services when initially opening an account, with the option clear on any forms and purposefully separated from the contact details section requiring a mobile number, RBI suggested.

The central bank also said thanks banks should use various channels or methods to quicken the mobile PIN generation process, and also widen the accessibility of mobile banking, by allowing access to this process via ATM channels, their own internet banking website with necessary safeguards and mail mobile PINs to quicken process.

Banks throughout Indian adopted mobile banking at different times, though generally banks are offering mobile banking services through SMS and apps. But the RBI argues that a lack of awareness from customers has led to slow adoption.

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