Fintech Innovation Awards: New categories open for nominations

Due to popular demand, we have added four new categories to the Fintech Innovation Awards 2015. Companies can now be nominated for Fintech Innovation of the Year, Fintech Deal of the Year, Fintech Startup of the Year, and Fintech Leader of the year.

It has been a big year for financial technology companies, and we wanted to recognise some of the major players of 2014 in a final round of nominations.

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The winner of the Fintech Innovation of the Year award will be an organisation that has implemented a FinTech product or service that demonstrates outstanding innovation. As well as contributing to the advancement of technology within the sector, the innovation will have been seen to benefit both the organisation and its customers.

The Fintech Deal of the Year award will recognise a VC or PE investment that helped support FinTech innovation, providing the opportunity for significant development within the sector. The judges will be looking for a deal where investors have not only invested funds, but added key value through market connections and industry experience.

For the Fintech Start-up of the Year, the judges will be looking for a start-up business that has disrupted the FinTech space over the past year through the implementation of new and innovative solutions that are challenging the status quo and transforming the industry landscape.

The winner of the Fintech Leader of the Year award will be an individual who has shown outstanding leadership over the last 12 months to champion the advancement and transformation of technology within the finance sector. He or she will be someone who is recognised by his or her peers as a source of authority and thought leadership.

We are also taking final votes for the rest of the Fintech Innovation Awards categories. Make sure to get your say!

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