Voicekey launches voice-recognition mobile payments authentication

British technology developer Voicekey is launching a mobile point-of-sale solution that uses voice-recognition to authenticate mobile payments.

The verification works in real time, with transaction confirmation provided using dynamic barcode displays on the mobile phone used to make the payment, which can then be scanned at the point of sale.

The company initially rolled out the platform as part of a Small Business Research Initiative to connect private sector companies’ products and services with private sector needs. Having successfully completed that contract, the company is ready to take its solution to the mainstream.

“The market ready mCommerce solution that has been developed enables mobile commerce to be conducted in a convenient, secure and inclusive manner,” said Voicekey CEO Dr Tony Allen. “The use of conventional consumer smart devices as well as industry leading retail mobile-point-of-sale hardware devices allows for easy uptake of the solution by both retailer and consumer.”

Voice authentication is usually used by companies requiring an even higher level of security than a fingerprint, such as banks, rather than retailers. But Voicekey has some time before Apple Pay hits the UK, and may be able to secure itself a niche in the market to prevent fingerprint authentication becoming the only security standard for mobile payments.

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