Coinbase launches official iOS app

Bitcoin wallet Coinbase now has an official iOS app, over 18 months after launching an Android app in March 2013.

The company announced today that it has “acquired and taken over development” of an app being created by developer Andrew Vilcsak using Coinbase’s open source code, VentureBeat reported.

The bitcoin wallet will be releasing an update version of the app, which is already available in Apple’s App Store. The move to iOS may have taken some time because of Apple’s reluctance to allow bitcoin wallets in the App Store. It announced in June that it was accepting “approved virtual currency” apps into the App Store.

Coinbase competitors Blockchain and Circle already have iOS apps.

San Francisco based bitcoin wallet Coinbase is rumoured to be raising $40 million and $60 million in new funding, having raised $25 million last December.

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