Square Cash finally adds TouchID to iOS app

image of a finger showing clearly the fingerprint biometric technology

Square has added a new feature to its P2P payments app Square Cash which allows user to authenticate money transfers using TouchID on the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus.

When using this method of authentication, TechCrunch reports, Square Cash users need not pay transaction fees.

Square Cash is not the first P2P payments app to take advantage of Apple’s new authentication layer. In fact, Venmo launched TouchID security verification in November.

Jack Dorsey has made positive noises about TouchID since it launched in 2013, initially discussing the benefits the technology could have for Square Wallet. But Wallet is no more, and Apple has used TouchID to secure its Apple Pay. This time, while a little behind its competitors, Square may be reconsidering what new technology can be of the most use to its products.

Money transfer apps have so far proved one of the most popular mobile payments services, and do not compete as directly with plastic or cash as other types of mobile payments do. But Square still has some stiff competition in this area, and has yet to release an numbers to show how well Square Cash is faring.

This TouchID update is available in the latest version of the Square Wallet iOS app.

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