Adyen launches data driven tablet checkout

Global payments company Adyen is releasing an in-store digital checkout solution designed to help merchants create highly-personalized shopping experiences and truly mobilise the sales process.

The tablet-assisted sales offering will be powered by Demandware’s Digital Store Solution, a tablet application that gives merchants access to comprehensive customer, product and inventory data.

The application displays a customer’s profile, past purchases and buying behaviour, as well as product inventory availability, and allows merchants to use that information to create a more personalized shopping experience that will increase both customer loyalty and revenue.

With the integration of the Adyen Shuttle mobile payment terminal into DSS, customers can pay for their goods on-the-spot. Large or unwieldy items can be purchased in a store and shipped seamlessly to the customer’s home. The solution also reduces queues at the till, further boosting shopper satisfaction and enabling more efficient use of floor space.

“Quality experience for shoppers today means not only slick service, but more choice and immediate fulfillment of that choice,” said Ad Arreman. Vice-president of global strategic sales at Adyen. “Online payment technology at the point of sale opens doors not only to a wide range of new services for shoppers, but also to process and organisational efficiencies and marketing opportunities for the merchant.”

Adyen has signed on more than 3,500 customers to its platform, which works in over 200 countries, allowing them to get paid in 187 currencies. The company works with all major credit card providers and allows a variety of payment methods, in-store, via mobile or online. Adyen is integrated with Apple Pay, Alipay in China, Boletos in Brazil, Qiwi in Russia, SEPA Direct Debit in Europe and Konbini in Japan.

The company’s second round of funding raised a whopping $250 million investment at the end of 2014.

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