Braintree completes Coinbase integration

PayPal subsidiary Braintree is now allowing merchants using its payments platform to take payments in bitcoin thanks to a partnership with Coinbase.

Braintree has integrated Coinbase into its software development kit, meaning that merchants using it can quickly enable bitcoin payments, Coinbase reported. Customers wishing to pay for goods in bitcoin will need a Coinbase account.

While Braintree’s plan to allow bitcoin payments via Coinbase was announced in September, the partnership has taken its time setting up the service in order to create a “seamless experience” for merchants.

“Bitcoin is growing in popularity for consumer and merchants alike […] the number of companies both small and large working to enable bitcoin acceptance is on the rise,” Braintree said in a blog post.

PayPal’s subsidiary boasts high profile clients such as Uber, Airbnb and OpenTable, and also allows merchants to accept payments from credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and its mobile payments wallet Venmo. Braintree has supposedly seen “widespread adoption” of its software development kit since it was released in July, but has yet to reveal the number of merchants who actually use it.

Bitcoin supporters have heralded Braintree’s interest in the cryptocurrency as an attempt to take bitcoin mainstream. Despite bitcoin’s recent price declines, if Braintree’s biggest merchants started to take an interest in digital currency, bitcoin could be on its way to mainstream use.

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