Adyen partners with BitPay to allow bitcoin payments for 3,500 merchants

UK-based games developer Jagex is the first company to take advantage of a new partnership between payments specialist Adyen and bitcoin processor BitPay.

Jagex will be accepting bitcoin payments to make it easier for gamers worldwide to pay for its products, including popular mobile game Runescape.

“Gamers are smart,” said David Parrott, payment services director at Jagex in a statement. “We know they get tech, and we know that for them the cryptocurrency protocol is cool and here to stay. By allowing our players to pay however they want, we remove any obstacles between them and having fun.”

The new partnership with BitPay has enabled bitcoin payment acceptance for Adyen’s 3,500 business clients, which include Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify, Groupon. None of these larger players have announced plans to start accepting the crypto-currency.

Adyen processed over $25 billion in transactions last year and offers over 250 different payment methods in over 180 different currencies, which now include bitcoin.

Several larger companies have shown interest in integrating bitcoin over the last few months, with BitPay already supporting  bitcoin payments for Microsoft, WordPress, Gyft and Virgin Galactic.

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