CoinJar releases iOS app update

CoinJar has released a new mobile app for iOS with more user-friendly features aimed to speed up bitcoin payments and attract new users to the crypto-currency.

The update came in response to user requests for “on-the-go” exchanges from bitcoin to fiat currency, and vice versa, on Coinjar’s exchange. Users also wanted to be able to manage their payments and contacts list more easily, Coinjar’s Samuel Tate told CoinDesk.

The app design has also been streamlined to look more like a social network page. The exchange focused on making the app as fast, reliable and as easy to understand as paying with a card, CoinJar said.

The new app allows instant payments to other CoinJar accounts using Twitter-style user names rather than bitcoin addresses, and CoinJar plans to speed up payments to other accounts by paying miner’s fees itself.

CoinJar users will also be able to make payments and transfers between AUD and GBP balances, and pay anyone in bitcoin directly from a fiat currency balance at the company’s current exchange rate with a 2 per cent fee.

Apple’s TouchID feature can also be used to log onto the app instead of a PIN.

Melbourne-based CoinJar recently opened a new headquarters in London to begin serving the UK market.

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