New AmEx ad features 20 years of Seinfeld, Cleese, Tina Fey – and an iPhone

Two decades’ worth of clips featuring leading comedians come together in American Express’ latest advert, used to promote its partnership with Apple Pay.

The commercial, which draws on the idea that AmEx has kept up with changing payment technologies through the years, shows how the latest step for the card company is its inclusion in the iPhone’s new digital wallet. It hopes to use its history to reassure customers that AmEx’s security and safety remain in tact.

Created by Ogilvy, the advert incorporates vintage clips from adverts featuring Jerry Seinfeld, John Cleese, Jackie Chan and, more recently, Tina Fey.

We leveraged the heritage of our iconic imagery with some of our most notable members,” Allison Silver, VP of marketing at American Express, told Advertising Age. “It really signals the future of American Express with a nod towards our fun past.”

She added: “What you’ve always expected from American Express, you can continue to expect, regardless of the form or fashion that you pay with.”

A number of banks, card issuers and payment providers have recently released advertising to promote their link-up with Apple Pay. These include MasterCard, Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Capital One.

View the full commercial below:


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