Apple Pay makes move to federal service payments

Apple Pay is moving beyond the private sphere already, and will be available as a payment method for US government services come September.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at the White House summit on cybersecurity and personal privacy last week, where he announced that Apple Pay will start by rolling out payment services for admission to national parks. Cook plans to eventually make the mobile payment service work for Social Security and veteran benefits payments, TechCrunch reported.  

The tech giant will also be helping the US government with a smooth transition to digital identification which will see the digitization of passports and driver’s licenses, which could see Apple Pay moving beyond a mere mobile payment method

“We can imagine a day in the not too distance future where your wallet becomes a remnant of the past,” Cook said. “Your passport, your driver’s license, and other important documents can be digitally stored in a way that’s safe, secure, and easy to access.”

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