US Federal Government partners with digital wallets for online payments, the US government’s web collection portal for payments to federal agencies, is now offering PayPal and Dwolla as payment options.

The integration of the digital wallet services will allow customers to make transactions online or via a mobile application without the need to enrol in a system or provide personal information. The move coincides with on-going Federal Government plans to move away from paper-based processes to electronic transactions.

In 2014, the US Treasury Department’s fiscal service collected $3.73 trillion in revenue processing 400 million transactions through several programs, including Nearly 98 per cent ($3.69 trillion) was settled electronically.

“Digital wallets provide convenience, simplicity, and a trusted customer experience, while achieving cost effectiveness for the Federal Government,” said Corvelli McDaniel, assistant commissioner for Fiscal Service Revenue Collections Management. “We are commited to operational excellence and continually improving our business processes; digital wallets help us achieve that goal.”

Customers required to submit a court filing fee at a U.S. Court, or citizens who wish to make a donation to the National Endowment of the Arts, will have similar payment options currently available to them on popular private sector websites.

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