Financial firms in Asia get contactless boost

Visa is teaming up with Morpho to roll out contactless payment cards to financial institutions across Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Called the JMV Wave card, the new offering meets Visa’s payWave requirements for contactless payments in the region. Both sides of the partnership hope that it will “accelerate” clients adoption of contactless across all three regions.

“We are delighted to welcome Morpho to the Visa Technology Partner Marketing Program,said Vikram Modi, Head of Emerging Product Solutions for Visa Asia Pacific. “The JMV Wave card precisely meets our clients need for modern, fast and affordable contactless cards, and is backed by Morpho’s wide expertise and experience.”

Anthony Ong, Managing Director for Morpho Cards in Singapore, said the company is “very happy” to have been chosen for the collaboration.

“Visa payWave is one of the most up-to-date contactless technologies and goes perfectly hand in hand with our payment solutions,” he said.

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