Misys unveils Apple Watch banking app

Financial software company Misys has unveiled the a banking app prototype for the Apple Watch.

Misys FusionBanking Essence BankTime, is designed to give consumers greater of their personal finances. The app will allow users to quickly view their available balance using Apple’s “Glance” feature. Fully opening the app will then reveal more details of the user’s balance, history and transactions.

The app will show notifications on the Apple Watch, including fraud alerts and appointment reminders. The app will also display special offers, opening up a new level of contextual marketing opportunities for merchants and banks.

The banking app will allow – and encourage – users to make payments directly from the Apple Watch, such as in a restaurant.

“Our ambition at Misys Labs is to bring financial services into consumers’ everyday lives”, states Tamás Grünzweig, head of innovation at Misys. “We focus on make banking relevant and frustration-free. Wearable devices, like the Apple Watch, bring a new, more convenient channel for consumers.”

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