Square shuts down order-ahead app

Square is shutting down its pre-order and pickup app Square Order as part of a shift in focus toward small business tools.

The company started to notify customers last week that the app would no longer be available for download starting March 13th, and that the service will shut down on March 20th.  Customers will still be able to access an order-ahead option through the each merchant’s website.

Square’s focus has shifted toward tools for small businesses, appointment and inventory software, and lending opportunities for smaller firms.

“We’ve spoken with our sellers, and after careful consideration we’ve decided to retire the Square Order app,” the company said in a public statement. “We are focusing our efforts on other tools and marketing services that help sellers grow their business, like online ordering, gift cards, or delivery with Caviar.”

The company recently acquired Caviar, a delivery outsourcing service for restaurants. Caviar is expanding fairly rapidly, launching the app in Dallas, its tenth city, last week. Square’s acquisition of Caviar could be part of a ploy to cosy up to restaurant owners

Square shut down Square Wallet in 2014, and launched Square Order soon after. But sources close to the matter have said that Order was failing to bring in new custom for sellers, Venturebeat reported.

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