Flint makes mobile payments integration easier

Flint Mobile is making it easier for developers to add mobile payments functionality to their applications with the launch of App2App Connect.

App2App allows developers to embed a “Take Payment” button in their app with minimal coding. The service is free for use by developers, and Integration is achieved by adding a code snippet that automatically passes customer order data between the business app and the Flint app running on the same device.

Users can initiate payment by tapping a “Take Payment” button embedded in the business app. Transaction-related data such as base payment amount, tax, item description and client email is automatically populated into the Flint app for secure card capture, processing, and an optional receipt, invoice or coupon.  Once the payment has been accepted, the user is returned to the originating app along with real-time transaction confirmation data.  Flint handles secure entry and management of all sensitive credit card information.

Flint is also rolling out support for American Express and Discover card payments via its iOS and Android apps.

Flint’s card scanning technology eliminates the need for card readers, freeing app providers from having to distribute and support hardware accessories. In an increasingly crowded market, Flint is focusing on reducing barriers to entry for merchants and developers alike.

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