US lawmakers form cross-party payment tech group

A group of lawmakers will push forward the payments agenda in the US government via a newly formed alliance that focusses on the sector.

Four figures from the House of Representatives, three Republican and one Democrat, announced yesterday that they had founded “The Congressional Payments Technology Caucus” to look at “the new and innovative technologies in the payments industry”

This will act as a forum for new legislative proposals and to keep Congress in the loop on technology developments.

The four Representatives involved are Republicans Lynn Westmoreland (Georgia), Randy Neugebauer (Texas) and David Scott (Georgia) and Democrat Krysten Sinema (Arizona).

“Global technology is growing and changing at a rapid pace and has a dramatic effect on our consumer payment systems and cyber security,” said Westmoreland.

Industry group the Electronics Transactions Association expressed support for the initiative.

“As the trade association of more than 500 U.S. payments technology companies, ETA applauds the leadership of Representatives Westmoreland, Scott, Neugbauer, and Sinema,” said chief executive Jason Oxman.


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