Global Payments rolls out processor for overseas cards

Visitors to the UK can now use their debit and credit cards to shop in their own currency, without dodgy exchange rates and extra fees, thanks to a new initiative from Global Payments.

Called HomeCurrencyPay, the software is installed into payment terminals and activated by the seller pressing a button. 33 currencies are offered by the service, including the Euro, US, Australian and Hong Kong Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Russian Roubles and Saudi Riyals.

As well as encouraging card payments from international shoppers, Global Payments says that it rewards participating retailers by paying them commission for every payment processed in an overseas currency.

“Regardless of how many HomeCurrencyPay transactions you do, you’ll receive one simple credit on your monthly invoice for all commission earned. So you’ll gain a competitive edge at no effort or cost to you,” explains the company on its website.

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