London’s second Barclays Accelerator programme takes on new class

Ten new FinTech startups embarked on Barclays’ 13 week accelerator programme in London this week.

This run, the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, will support cutting edge encryption technology for cyber security, a new bond marketplace and a Bitcoin company, along with seven other breakthrough startups.

Basestone provides cloud-based collaboration on major construction projects, creating data streams from the field that impact loan and insurance pricing, while Blocktrace provides an immutable ledger for diamond ownership & related transaction history verification for insurance companies, claimants & law enforcement.

The programme will also support Godesic, a project management platform for IT infrastructure change-over in the financial services industry. LiquidLandscape provides data visualization for creating linked, immersive data exploration environments used by traders.

Origin provides a new marketplace for large corporations and institutional investors, using technology to facilitate direct debt and bond issuance, while PQ Solutions is working on cyber security that uses cutting edge encryption techniques designed to beat attacks by quantum computers.

Ravelin provides data science and machine learning with a merchant’s fraud profile to deliver pin-point accurate online fraud detection. Safello is aEurope-focused Bitcoin exchange with plans to expand into payments.

Stockfuse provides a gaming platform that quantifies talent through simulation, currently used by banks to identify and find future trading employees.

The programme is also yet to reveal the identity of its tenth startup, which has elusively opted to remain anonymous for the time being.

It is the second time the programme is being run in London.

Hundreds of start-ups from over 60 countries worldwide applied for one of the ten places on the programme. The chosen companies will be based at the London Escalator, an open innovation space designed to support start-ups and entrepreneurs, and will develop their product ahead of a public demo day in June.

Each of the teams will also receive $20,000 seed funding from Techstars.

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