Standard Bank South Africa adds Touch ID to mobile app

Customers at Standard Bank in South Africa will now be able to access their accounts quicker using a Apple’s biometric technology.

The app will allow Standard bank customers to instantly access their bank accounts using their fingerprints.

Using Apple’s TouchID technology, Standard Bank, who are the largest African banking group by assets and earnings, have only release the update to customers with an iPhone or an iPad, but intend to develop the app in order to make it available for android users.

The firm claim that their customer base, which increases by 65,000 every month, uses the app at least twice a week. The bank also says that transactions processed through their online banking app have reached the R10 billion mark over the past 10 months.

Several other banks across the world have started to add TouchID to their banking apps. In February, RBS and NatWest declared that their customers could login to their bank account using their fingerprints on apple devices. In March OCBC Bank and ING also launched TouchID mobile technology, making ING the first bank in the Netherlands to use biometric technology.




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