Asian oil refiner takes advantage of Alibaba tech

Asia’s largest oil refiner Sinopec has made a deal with e-commerce firm Alibaba, which will help the company implement cloud computing services and big data analysis.

The deal between the two companies only involves the use of technical services for the moment, as oil corporations like Sinopec have recently come under pressure to invest in better technology. The cloud services provided by Alibaba will help Sinopec track their supply, demand and emissions more efficiently.

‘‘Aliyun is helping Sinopec build cloud-based business systems and perform data analytics covering the entire petrochemical production chain,” said Allen Zhang, director at Alibaba’s cloud computing business Aliyun. “By helping Sinopec with digitization and big data technologies, we hope we can play a part to help bring about greener solutions and new business opportunities.’’

There could be more developments on the way regarding this new partnership. Alibaba and Sinopec are also investigating areas which they can expand into together, such as the internet of things, e-commerce and finance and online payments.

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