US tech startup launches IndieGoGo campaign for charitable mobile payments app

US tech startup Full Society has launched an IndieGoGo compaign to fund the latest stages of a mobile payments app that allows diners to pay for their restaurant bill at their table using their phone, and donate to charities fighting hunger at the same time.

Full Society is currently in its seed funding stage and is participating in ETC Baltimore’s Accelerate Baltimore Programme. The company is creating software that will link to restaurants’ existing POS systems, and allow servers and restaurant owners to track orders and send paper-free bills to their patrons. The app will allow users to split bills, add tips, and give to charity in one place.

“Even though hunger is such a well-known issue, most people only consider donating to charities around the holiday season,” says co-founder and CEO Paige Cantlin. “The Full Society app will give users the opportunity to give in small increments year-round each time they enjoy the privilege of dining out.”

When the Full Society app is launched and for the remainder of 2015, all donations will go directly to Helping Up Mission and Paul’s Place.

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