Coinzone makes its move into Czech Republic

Payment solution provider Coinzone is now expanding into the Czech Republic, giving merchants the opportunity to use and accept digital currencies such as bitcoin.

This move into the Czech Republic is the latest stage of Coinzone’s European expansion. Only last month Coinzone launched in the UK, a move which has already proved very successful with acquiring merchants.

Coinzone becomes the first payment solution provider in the Czech Republic to offer dedicated Bitcoin transaction services fully supported by local banking partnerships. Czech merchants will now be able to use bitcoin safely and securely.

Coinzone’s payment solution for the Czech Republic includes market-specific language and payment processing localisations that offer merchants the ability to deal in their local currency, the Czech Koruna. Merchants will be able to accept bitcoin payments through Android and iOS apps.

Coinzone’s expansion into the Czech Republic is coming at an ideal time, as bitcoin is in high demand in the country. Alongside a bitcoin exchange, the region has recently installed nine bitcoin ATM’s.

‘‘Unlike other providers which offer blanket solutions featuring currencies and language options that aren’t relevant to the local markets they serve, Coinzone is dedicated to giving European users the confidence of a service that incorporates local language and payment instruments – delivering funds direct from and to in-country bank accounts and in their local currency’’ said Manuel Heilmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinzone.


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