Gemalto launches new fraud detection service for online banking

Digital security firm Gemalto have partnered with transaction company NCR in order to strengthen its online banking security system.

This collaboration with NCR is specifically designed to improve their risk management. Gemalto has signed a reseller agreement with NCR  to offer their fractal software in the Ezio fraud management layer, which will ultimately improve their online banking security system and how they determine the level of risk in transactions.

The security company have also introduced brand new transaction monitoring software in order to improve their fraud detection systems.

The Ezio dynamic fraud manager is the latest integrated transaction monitoring software. The programme calculates the actual risk of individual online transactions in real time. The bank then triggers an automatic action, allowing the transaction to be rejected, accepted or the transaction is passed onto an alert management team.

‘‘With continuously evolving attacks, fraud managers increasingly want agile solutions to protect bank customers. Our collaboration with NCR reinforces our layered security strategy allowing banks to further expand their online service portfolio while protecting their customers and their brand,’’ said Håkan Nordfjell, Senior Vice President of e-Banking and e-Commerce at Gemalto.

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