Richard Branson to host Bitcoin summit on Necker Island

Richard Branson, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs is set to hold a Blockchain summit on his private island, bringing together some of the brightest minds associated with the cryptocurrency.

The three day Blockchain summit is being held at Necker Island, the home of the Virgin founder on May 25th.  Many discussions will take place during the conference, including a discussion moderated by Hernando De Soto, president of the institute for liberty and democracy and Matthew Bishop, US business editor for The Economist.

‘‘Come visit with Sir Richard Branson on his private island for a set of intimate discussions highlighting critical issues and solutions and to lay out the framework for a world where the humankind is fully benefiting from the amazing technology behind the Blockchain,’’ states the digital welcome message.

Richard Branson holds a very large interest in the digital currency despite its astronomical dip in value. In May 2014, Branson took part in a funding round for payment processing firm BitPay, which gained a total of $32.7m in investments. Virgin Galactic also accepts the digital currency.

This is not the first Bitcoin event to be held in the Caribbean. In February the Satoshi Roundtable was held in the Dominican Republic, bringing together 60 Bitcoin entrepreneurs. The event was organized by Bruce Fenton of the Bitcoin association and debt solution firm Atlantic Financial.

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