Tesco Bank becomes Apple Watch compatible

Tesco sought to move on from last week’s announcement of a record £6.4 billion loss by announcing that their banking app will become available on the Apple Watch.

The supermarket chain announced today that it has updated its mobile banking app to reflect last week’s release of Apple Watch. The new update introduces a ‘Balance Peek’ feature that will allow users to view their account balances without having to log in.

Rather than having to sign in, users will be able to ‘peek’ at their account balances in today’s notifications on the iPhone; by dragging down ‘Balance Peek’ on the app’s log-in screen; accessing the Tesco Banking companion app on Apple Watch.

By accessing the settings on the iPhone app, users can regulate which accounts they want to see or turn off ‘Balance Peek’ altogether.

However, some app users point out that the app still hasn’t integrated Apple’s Touch ID capabilities as a way of securely accessing one’s account details.

“Balance Peek enables Tesco Bank customers to access their account balance quickly and easily and keep track of their finances wherever they are,” stated Grant Bourbousson, digital and marketing director at Tesco Bank.

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