Everlink cardholders can now lock and unlock their cards

Everlink, the Canadian payment solutions company and creator of a contactless debit wristband, has launched Lock ’N’ Block, a mobile application that allows cardholders to prevent unauthorised use of their cards.

The app is embedded within the mobile banking applications of credit unions and bank clients. To get Lock ‘N’ Block, all the users have to do is down the latest version of their Financial Institution’s app.

First time users will have to log into their mobile banking app and add their Interac debit card to the application. The financial institution can then verify the identity of the cardholder and notify Everlink. Everlink then connects the debit card to the user’s mobile phone.

Once logged in to the app, the user will be shown the cards they have registered, with the option to ‘Lock’ or ‘Unblock’. Cardholders can then lock or unlock the card, depending on when they want to use it.

The card is not being locked by way of changing its fraud status. Instead, it is simply down to the cardholder to decide when the card can be activated.

The app is designed to work on both Apple and Samsung Android smartphones.

“Everlink has brought to market a very straight-forward and convenient solution that allows the cardholder to protect themselves from fraud by ‘Locking’ their Interac debit card from their mobile phone,” says Mark Ripplinger, president & CEO at Everlink.

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