Hays Littlejohn takes over from Gilbert Lichter as CEO of EBA Clearing

Following his appointment on 1st November 2014, Hays Littlejohn took office at EBA Clearing as its new chief executive officer on 1st May, 2015. He takes over from Gilbert Lichter, who is retiring from the position after 17 years.

“With Hays’ appointment, the Board of EBA CLEARING has emphasised the importance of trust and continuity in our services at a time when the payments market is undergoing vigorous change in regulation, market infrastructure, product innovation, customer behaviour and demands,” said Erkki Poutiainen, Chairman of EBA Clearing.

Littlejohn has extensive managerial and executive experience in the global transaction banking industry. Most recently, he was the managing director of Global Head Cash and Trade Finance Development at USB AG.

He was also a board member of related global and European market infrastructures. He became a member of EBA Clearing’s board in 2003. He served on the board’s Strategy & Policy, and Risk Committees for almost a decade.

We are happy to entrust Hays Littlejohn with the responsibility to further pursue the Company’s mission of delivering critical pan-European payment infrastructures services to our customers that meet the highest levels of quality and stability on a daily basis,” continued Erkki Poutiainen.


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