Will the new iPad have integrated Apple Pay?

Rumours are quickly circulating that the next iPad to be released will come with a host of new features, including near field communication technology (NFC) already installed into the device.

Apple have not responded to any speculation regarding the release of their next tablet, although Appleinsider report that the commonly referred to ‘iPad Pro’ will be released sometime this year and will feature an all-new 12.9-inch display, which would be their largest tablet to date. The iPad Air has a screen size of 9.7 inches.

One of the most intriguing potential specifications of the iPad Pro is that it could change the way merchants accept payments within their businesses. Payment eye has recently documented that Powa technologies and POS Strauss and many other technology firms are developing point of sale solutions for tablets, but the iPad Pro could dominate the mPOS market.

It’s almost certain that a NFC radio will be included in the next iPad, but Apple could go further with the development of the device.

There is speculation that a tap-to-pay feature could be present within the iPad pro, but that is looking more and more unlikely. If the rumours regarding NFC are true, the Pro could act as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay.

Other potential features of the iPad Pro include USB-C input, a next-generation A-series processor and a brand new Apple stylus.

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