Finance execs to lead cutting-edge course

business meetingExecutives from Barclays, HSBC, Capital One and TDX amongst others will teach on the Diploma of Digital Business Leadership, launching today.

The Diploma, developed by the Academy of Digital Business Leaders (ADBL) for senior managers and business owners, empowers and enables effective transformation in global organisations by developing the talent and mindset required to innovate, grow and succeed in the digital age.

The ADBL has partnered with PaymentEye to offer our readers a 50%-funded place. The first cohort opens with an induction class today, though enrolment will remain open until the first class module on the 13th of May.

The Diploma of Digital Business Leaders is an invaluable networking opportunity, allowing leaders to work alongside and learn from other leaders.

According to Kathy Ruffle, who graduated with the pilot cohort: “This programme provided a fantastic insight into digital skills and essential leadership qualities. Learning from the success of people around us and using real life case studies brough the course to life and made it feel very relevant. I feel very fortunate to have met a number of inspirational people and have established a great business network.”

Click here to get course information. PaymentEye members can reserve a place in just five minutes over the phone on 020 7173 5901. You can also email [email protected]

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