Ooredoo backs World Bank’s aim to achieve universal financial access by 2020

Ooredoo commits to provide 17 million people with mobile financial services by 2020 across markets including Kuwait, Qatar, Indonesia and Algeria.

The World Bank calls for people around the world to have the technology and access to a transaction account or the ability to store money electronically; send and receive payments. It emphasises that financial access is essential for people managing their financial life.

Ooredoo has a large customer base. It serves 3 million people across Tunisia, Indonesia and Qatar. It also plans to expand into Iraq in the near future.

“Ooredoo already has three million mobile financial services customers, and we are also working closely with other operators to deliver Mobile Money Interoperability to enable customers to manage and access money across borders and devices in a seamless environment,” said Dr. Nasser Marafih, Group CEO of Ooredoo.

The company recently announced new payroll service that will allow companies to pay employees in Qatar directly to their mobile devices.

The World Bank Group aims to help governments to create an environment that stimulates private-sector innovation and investment.

“Galvanizing private-sector investment and innovation and strengthening policy and regulatory frameworks, will be critical to meeting the ambitious target of universal financial access by the year 2020,” said Peer Stein, director, Finance & Markets Global Practice, World Bank Group.

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