Stripe’s fourth ever employee will leave on Friday

Greg Brockman, Stripe’s CTO, has announced in his blog that he will be leaving the payment processor startup on Friday (8 May).

Stripe  has soared to the top of the payments industry and was valued at $3.5 billion in December 2014. The San-Francisco based startup simplified and ameliorated the payment process by stripping it down to the basics. It made it easier for website owners and developers to accept card payments.

Brockman cites his desire to create his own startup as the reason for his departure.  “I was yearning to create something of my own… While there would always be new skills to conquer, I felt I’d topped out the S-curve for what I could learn here about starting a company,” he writes in his blog.

The CTO joined Stripe when it was still /dev/payments and was so impressed with what the Collison brothers were doing that he left MIT.

He says the timing is right since, 6 months ago, “I’d successfully removed myself as a critical lynchpin for the company and could craft literally any role I wanted.

On what the future holds for the CTO, Brockman is blissfully unsure.

“I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be building … But for now, I’m looking forward to exploring some ideas I’ve been thinking about for as long as I’ve been programming,” he states on his blog.

Stripe was also one of the speakers at our partner publication’s, StrategyEye, sold-out ‘Future Of Payments’ event. To find out what they think the future holds for payments technology, click on the event review link.

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