Alaric releases Authentic system update

Alaric  releases the latest version of Authentic, its payments processing technology system. Alaric is part of NCR corporation, a payments technology, hardware and software company. Authentic is an electronic funds transfer (EFT) authorisation and routing system that processes transactions over multiple channels including ATM, POS, mobile and e-commerce. Alaric says the focus of the update was on ‘integration, usability and security’.

Authentic can now better integrate web-services into its core components and easily convert XML messages to the more frequently used ISO8583. The overall effect is that Authentic will be able to process new payment types in old payment systems.

The system also has a new web-service import utility, which automatically configures Message Mapper and creates extra codes necessary for the completion of web-service processing. The company says this significantly improves use and time-to-market.

Authentic has also had some security upgrades. There is a new user authentication and cryptographic service. The system will no longer be dependent on SSL  and has the option of being wholly run on TLS.

“With the latest version of Authentic, we have incorporated the flexibility of the Google Web Toolkit, as well as providing new features and enhancements to further improve usability and flexibility. With Authentic we constantly strive to deliver a solution that our customers can rely on today and in the future – whatever the future may bring,” said Steve Nogalo, vice president and general manager of Payments Solutions at NCR.

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