OT launches exclusive luxury cards

Oberthur Technologies (OT), the French security solutions company, has today announced its newest product: Smart Premiere, a luxury range of cards aimed at well-off customers.

OT provides a range of materials that will allow banks to create tailor-made cards for their customers. The cards will come in full metal, gold, and titanium options. They can also be shaped in partnership with luxury and automobile manufacturers.

The company says that the cards will look and feel the same size as any normal payment card and that the luxury cards will be no different in functionality.

OT says the cards will come “with a full range of packaging options to enhance the card, including tailor-made solutions to perfectly suit demanding clients.

The luxury cards will be unveiled at the Cards & Payments Middle East 2015 event, held in Dubai between 12-13 May.

“We are convinced that cards remain a strong asset for banks to provide exclusive services to their clients. With SMART PREMIERE, we have designed a value-added offer to help banks meet their most challenging customers’ needs with high-end products and build specific offers for each customer category,” stated said Eric Duforest, managing director of the Payment Business Unit at OT.


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